Unveiling Jonah Allen's Latest Masterpiece: ‘Sea Study No. 44’


In celebration of Earth Day, Jonah Allen is thrilled to unveil his latest addition to the Sea Study series, ‘Sea Study No. 44’. This new release captures a wave in motion using a technique that merges time and movement, offering a photograph that resonates with the depth and emotion of a painting.

The Inspiration Behind ‘Sea Study No. 44’

Captured in January along the serene 30A corridor, ‘Sea Study No. 44’ is the product of Jonah Allen’s profound connection with the ocean. Inspired by the tranquil yet powerful presence of the Gulf of Mexico, Allen utilized a long exposure technique to encapsulate the fluidity and grace of a single wave. This method allowed him to blend multiple moments into one seamless image, presenting the ocean’s movement as a brushstroke on canvas.

Artistic Technique and Vision

Jonah Allen’s approach to ‘Sea Study No. 44’ involved more than just technical prowess; it was an emotional journey into the essence of the sea. By extending the exposure time, Allen was able to soften the water’s texture, creating a smooth, painterly effect that highlights the wave’s elegant motion. The choice of long exposure photography brings a surreal quality to the piece, making the wave appear both ethereal and dynamic.

Environmental Significance and Release Timing

The release of ‘Sea Study No. 44’ on Earth Day is a deliberate nod to Allen’s dedication to environmental awareness. Through this artwork, Allen invites viewers to reflect on the beauty of natural world and the importance of preserving our planet’s oceans. The photograph not only celebrates the aesthetics of the sea but also serves as a reminder of the ecological role that oceans play in our global environment.


  1. Why was Earth Day chosen for the release of ‘Sea Study No. 44’?
    • Earth Day reflects Jonah Allen’s commitment to highlighting the importance of environmental conservation through his art. The release aims to inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world and encourage ecological responsibility.
  2. How can I purchase a print of ‘Sea Study No. 44’?
    • Limited edition prints of ‘Sea Study No. 44’ are available for purchase directly through the Jonah Allen Gallery. For purchasing details and options, please visit the gallery or contact the team online.
  3. What are the dimensions and format options for the prints?
    • ‘Sea Study No. 44’ is available in various sizes and formats, including framed and unframed options. Custom sizes are also available to suit specific display needs.
  4. Where can I view ‘Sea Study No. 44’?
    • ‘Sea Study No. 44’ is on display at the Jonah Allen Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach. Visitors are welcome to view and experience the piece in person during gallery hours.


‘Sea Study No. 44’ is more than a photograph—it is a profound statement on the beauty and fragility of our natural world. Jonah Allen continues to use his art to foster a connection between his audience and the environment, making each piece a catalyst for change and awareness. This Earth Day, let ‘Sea Study No. 44’ remind us of the precious beauty of the Earth and the collective effort needed to preserve it.

Visit Jonah Allen Gallery

Experience ‘Sea Study No. 44’ and other exquisite works by Jonah Allen at the Jonah Allen Gallery, 4771 East County Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Discover the unique blend of art and environmental advocacy that Allen brings to his creations.


For more details, call or text the gallery at 850-739-0929.

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