“Receded Time No. 1” Installation

I’m pleased to share this recent installation of “Receded Time No. 1.” This is one of the largest pieces I’ve made to date – 105 x 65 inches (9 x 5.4 feet) ! I had the pleasure of installing it in my client’s home, which was no easy task. 

I created the image on a crisp morning in March of this year. The subject matter of the image is a series of sand patterns, created by a high tide flowing into a lake on the shoreline. As the tide receded, what’s left are just the sand patterns touched by the morning light. Like many images I create, I find this particular one intriguing because the history of things are available in one moment. 

What I mean is you can see the history of time in just this single moment. 

If you are interested in collecting this piece, visit the link below.


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